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Q & A

What is ESCIS?

ESCIS stands for East Sussex Community Information Service.
It is a computer database of local and community information developed and managed by the Library and Information Services of East Sussex County Council in association with Brighton and Hove Library Service.
It is a free resource for everyone. It is free to be listed and free to use.


Where can I use ESCIS?

ESCIS can be accessed for free in every library in East Sussex and Brighton and Hove and anywhere else with Internet Access.


What sort of information can I find on ESCIS?

ESCIS holds information about 7787 organisations based in East Sussex and Brighton and Hove. The sorts of organisations included are:

  • Information and advice
  • Voluntary welfare and health
  • Support groups
  • Business advice
  • Trade and professional bodies
  • Places of worship
  • Charities
  • Youth clubs
  • Mother and toddler groups
  • Clubs and societies
  • Environmental groups
  • Sports clubs and facilities
  • Places to visit
  • Local authorities
  • Political parties

We record the name of an organisation, contact details (name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email and website addresses), general information about what the organisation does, the geographical area covered by the organisation and details of access for people with disabilities. We also link to Bing Maps to show where the service is located.

You can easily search the whole of the ESCIS database to find out about a particular organisation, or to find a number of organisations working in a particular field or geographic area.


How can an organisation be included on the ESCIS database?

You or your organisation will then receive a letter or an email each year to check that your details are correct. Please keep the ESCIS Team informed if your details should change in the meantime.


How up to date is ESCIS?

ESCIS is constantly updated. Each entry indicates when the details were last updated. No entry should be older than 18 months.


Is ESCIS information only available on the internet?

ESCIS information is not just be available on internet. We also produce a series of directories called 'Help in Hand' containing information from the ESCIS database.

Find out more about the Help in Hand directories


Will my email address receive unsolicited or 'spam' emails by listing on ESCIS?

ESCIS makes email addresses on the website unreadable to 'spiders' or 'crawlers' collecting emails on websites for unsolicited emailing. The links to the email addresses work on ESCIS, but they cannot be used for any other use