This entry was last updated: 15th August, 2019

We are a legal aid firm based in Brighton, which specialises in housing, community care, education and public law. We can provide legal advice and representation to anyone eligible for legal aid, as well as undertaking private work.
We can help with community care matters, including:
1)  Requesting assessments for people who may be in need of community care services with a view to obtaining a care package and services from social services.  This can include assistance with shopping and housework, access to the community, care at home etc.  In cases, where a person is extremely vulnerable or has children but not eligible for housing, social services would need to accommodate them under the Care Act 2014 and the Children Act 1989 respectively.
2) Assessments for carers and children in need.
3) Advising on the level of support and care for people with mental health problems and problems with substance misuse (dual diagnosis and complex needs).
4) Advice on mental capacity issues, best interest decisions and Court of Protection work.

We can take all housing cases including:
1) Where a person has applied as homeless and the Council have provided a negative written decision letter (s184) and they have 21 days to lodge a review and the person needs accommodation pending the review decision.
2) Where a person has received a negative review decision (s202) and they have 21 days to appeal to the County Court.  Accommodation pending appeal.
3) Failure by the Council to provide suitable temporary accommodation (s188 or s193).
4) Representations on behalf of someone who is homeless because the accommodation they are in is no longer reasonable for them to continue to occupy (s175).
5) All possession and eviction matters.
6) Disrepair cases
7) Any policy challenges.

We can also deal with any education issues, for example, exclusions, appeals to the SENT and challenges to the failure to assess. We also take on cases on a private basis where clients are not eligible for legal aid.  For example, in disrepair, some court of protection cases and education tribunal work.

Further information can be found on our website.


Accessibility and additional needs

We have an alternative meeting venue for people who need wheelchair access. Please state if you need wheelchair access, and we will ensure the meeting is arranged at the appropriate place.

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