Daisy Baby Wrigglers – baby yoga and sensory

This entry was last updated: 20th April, 2019

Daisy Baby Wrigglers – A weekly class for mum and baby to help you learn how to enjoy using positive touch, baby yoga, rhythm, rhyme, story and sensory experiences to aid your baby’s development, your connection and have fun together!

Our unique mum and baby class draws on elements of baby massage, baby yoga, rhythm and rhyme and baby sensory experiences to create one very powerful combination. From easing infant ailments, aiding their development, growing your connection and learning about baby’s key stages amongst friends in a fun but supportive class.

Most suitable from around 4-5 months to actively crawling.

Classes in Hawkhurst on Wednesday mornings at 10.00. Also in Tunbridge Wells and Pembury.

Contact me or look online for dates etc. or to ask any questions!


Contact Information


07773 685765