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This entry was last updated: 1st May, 2016

Every ‘Spring’ across the Country (between the months of January/February & March) when the evening temperatures are 4 degrees or above the toad, frog and newt population will be making their annual migration to their spawning ponds. Harland’s Farm pond (Mallard Drive) has had a toad population for many years and was originally an old farm pond with no roads for the toads to cross and few hazards in their way. This all changed when the site was sold for development and a new road was put in during the early 1990’s. We moved to the estate in 1994 and started the Toad Patrol not because I was particularly interested in the toads it’s just it broke my heart to see them all dead on the road and so the patrol continues to this day. However, without the much needed helpers every year the toads will be squashed & killed in Mallard Drive by residence or those people visiting the estate by car. We are always looking for new volunteers to help out, even if you can only spare an hour or so once or twice a week during the migration. All that you need is a bucket, torch, a coat with a Hi-vis strip or Jacket as you will spend time in the road picking up toads and the willingness to help some local wildlife. It’s a great way to meet other residence, it will help keep you fit and you will make a difference to your local community which includes the residence of the lovely pond on the estate. I moved away 12 years ago but still come even year during the migration as we still struggle to get enough locals willing to help even though there are several hundred houses on the estate. So if you can Please, Please come an help or get in touch. The numbers are recorded and forwarded onto Sussex Wildlife Trust who keep a database. For many year Sussex Amphibian & Reptile Group (SARG) have helped set up ‘Toad Patrols’ across Sussex.


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