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Streetfunk is a Brighton & Hove based Hip Hop dance company / school providing classes teaching hip hop and funk styles to people of all ages, ranging from 4 yrs to adults, across Sussex. It was founded by award winning JP Omari, who is widely known in the UK Hip Hop dance scene for his dedicated work in the community dance sector over the last 10 years.

Although Hip Hop dance is at the forefront of Streetfunk’s activities, what is most important to JP are the qualities that make one not only a good dancer, but also a decent, respectable and confident person through hard work, discipline and respect. In class, children learn the importance of these qualities alongside the ability to express themselves freely and have fun through dance.

“We are committed to creating a positive lifestyle where Hip Hop dance is taught in a fun environment where discipline, hard work and respect are paramount. We stand against lethargy and cultivate passion and funk in every person.”


All term fees are payable in advance to secure a place in one of our classes. We offer a free trial class.CALL US TO BOOK YOURS NOW!Minis – £7 per class (payable termly in advance to secure your child’s place)All others – £8 per class (payable termly in advance to secure your child’s place)Our terms run in line with academic school terms.Please be aware that you may or may not be offered a place for your preferred choice of class as we may feel that your child will benefit from a different class and will advise you accordingly.


Accessibility and additional needs

Fully accessible, including disabled toilets, showers and changing rooms
Teachers trained in additional needs, mental health,visually and hearing impaired students.

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01273 253679

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