Bexhill Fairtrade Town Steering Group

This entry was last updated: 12th August, 2019

The Bexhill Fairtrade Town Steering Group manages and promotes all things Fairtrade in Bexhill.  Bexhill has had Fairtrade Town status since 2007 and every two years has to renew its status with the Fairtrade Foundation.  We have just recently renewed our status, in June 2019, and are looking to actively promote and raise awareness within the town and the surrounding areas.  We organise our own events as well as attending others and working in conjunction with like minded organisations.

The Group meets approximately every six weeks to discuss our plans and organise awareness raising events etc.

We welcome new members (and ideas) to the Group and volunteers to help at our events.  Please contact Jack Doherty or Lesley Shareif at our email address listed.



Volunteering Opportunities

Please contact the organisation to discuss