Mission Statement

ESCIS Aims and Objectives

ESCIS stands for East Sussex Community Information Service. It is a website containing a database of local and community information and events, developed and managed by the Library and Information Service of East Sussex County Council in conjunction with Brighton and Hove City Council Libraries.


  • To provide free access to the website throughout East Sussex County Council and Brighton and Hove City Council libraries.
  • To maintain an effective approach to the creation, storage, retrieval and management of the local and community information entries.
  • To provide a system that is easy to use and update for all staff, partners and public.
  • To provide a system that is flexible and easy to develop for continuous improvement and long term stability.
  • To keep intact, at all times, a systematic process of updating and archiving information (including contacting organisations and updating entries every 12-18 months).
  • To keep the service and updating process in place regardless of changes to the management, system, hosting or software.
  • To maintain the system and provide administrative support to library staff and public users for updating entries.
  • To periodically re-evaluate and improve the usability and functionality of the ESCIS website.
  • To utilise as far as possible existing standards, equipment and data networks.